For the 9th consecutive year, S&M Foods is consecrated as the Leading Company in the Exportation of Dried Capsicum at the National Level.
The family business began its activities more than 25 years ago with the marketing of beans. Little by little, they were positioning themselves in the national market.
Later, with years of experience and hand in hand with a team of leaders, the Santiago Milla family launched “S&M Foods S.A.C.” in 2011, an agro-export company that was going to cover different lines of agricultural products, mainly dried capsicum, as well as the line of legumes, Andean grains, and fresh fruits. This is how, two years after the constitution of the company, it began leading the exports of dry capsicum at a national level.
This achievement is not only from a single area within S&M Foods, but from all the workers who fulfill each day with each project to continue growing, their suppliers who supply them with the best inputs and their loyal customers who year after year they trust them to be able to bring the best products of the highest quality to their warehouses.
We are going for many more years leading the exports of dried capsicum at the national level!