“Non-Mining Energy Exporting Company of the Year 2021”

In recognition of our work; On February 24, Promperú awarded us the prize as “Non-Mining Energy Exporting Company of the Year 2021”, thus fulfilling one of the objectives set last year, representing, thanks to our effort and dedication, the field of agro-exports at the national level.
This award ceremony took place during the Peru Export Results 2021 event, organized by Promperú.
It is worth mentioning that in terms of agro-exports in 2021, Peru achieved a figure of US$ 9,172 million in sales, which represented a growth of 18% compared to placements registered in 2020, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (MIDAGRI).
Likewise, he highlighted that on a regional scale, agro-exports, which is the item to which we belong, grew in 19 of 24 departments. In the case of the Coast region, an important contribution to the growth of agro-exports was registered, in greater volume in the department of Lima, where we find (+20%) with fresh avocados, other food preparations of flour, semolina, starch, starch or malt extract and frozen strawberries.
One of the main aspects of agricultural exports has been the growing share of products from family farming, which are increasingly conquering international markets and represent between 12% and 15% of sales.
At S&M Foods we are proud to be part of the economic growth of the country, contributing more and more to enhance the export chain of agricultural products from our Peru.
¡Many thanks to the entire community that follows the S&M Foods exporting family!